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Commissions for the Holiday Season (and Updates)

Posted by SomewhatCloudy - November 27th, 2020

Hello! As you may have noticed, it is a day after Thanksgiving which means it is now *REDACTED* days until Christmas.

Due to a mix of situations. (Bills are a struggle, I got to afford gifts, I need the experience, etc.) I am going to open commissions. As well as selling some other art stuff, though that's not exactly ready to be announced yet.

Commission Status: They are Open

So what kind of commissions will I do?

The short answer is digital pixel sprite commissions. The size will be the same for all. (Original canvas size is 64 x 80 pixels, but I can resize by 400% for whatever purposes. I can also do 64 x 64 for avatar purposes.)

What will the price be?

$15 a commission. Period. No more, no less. You will pay $5 at time of commission and the other $10 when it is finished.


I will have 5 slots open at a time.






I will update these throughout the month of December as slots open and close. Commissions will close December 30th.

What is allowed to be commissioned?

Things I will not draw include:


Intense Amounts of Gore

Fetish Material

An OC that does not have reference art for it already

Things I will draw include:

Fanart Sprites

Abstract Work

OC's (if you provide me with reference art of the OC)

Original Ideas if you give me source references and an Idea (Robot, monster, etc.)

How to get in contact or ask questions?

You can PM me here on Newgrounds, or you can email me at implosivewaffle@gmail.com. Asking questions in comments is also encouraged so I don't have to answer the same questions a bunch of times.

Payment methods will be discussed after contact.

Any other important information?

Yes, after the commission is done, It will be posted here on my Newgrounds unless you explicitly express that you do not want me to do that.

As well, I might work on the commissioned work on my livestream unless you ask beforehand not to do that either.

When you commission me, I will keep in contact with you during the process and make sure everything is hunky-dory.

Updates will be sent in the form of a photo of my laptop, you will not receive the high quality image file until payment is completed.

Also, please keep in mind that these are going to be pixel art. So please remember the restrictions of the medium.

In other news:

I have recently been streaming pixel art on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/somewhatcloudy where you can watch and support me if you'd like. There isn't a set schedule YET. Some of my recent work has been made there, and most of what I make there will be polished up and submitted here in case you miss the streams. I'm also thinking about creating a Youtube channel where I'll edit and post the stream recordings, I'm not sure yet though.

Other than that, thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!